Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a New Day!

Recently I have had ponderings about life and I decided to start a blog as a way of organizing my thoughts, emotions, and at times my ramblings. I sat in the park today and just people watched, a favorite activity of mine. I feel that one can learn about the world around them by just watching the most simple of interactions and daily tasks. There were people walking their dogs and laughing while drinking their Starbucks coffee while others were relaxing on the grass or playing music. It was a peaceful time in a chaotic world. Living in a city makes me feel as if I need to rush around yet the park is one of the few places were the world seems to go quiet and allows for everyone to just come together and enjoy nature and one another. Anyways, it was while relaxing in the park that I decided upon starting my blog and here it is and here is a bit of wisdom that I will give before I depart for the evening. Relax, Rest, and find your own center of calmness and peace. In a world which tells us to rush and not stop to smell the flowers, sometimes you need to stop and ask what I am missing by going through life without having time to take time. Make time for life and look around, you may discover new things and see things in new ways.

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